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oh mama she is with another guy - calla. - 02-24-2019

[align=center][div style="max-width: 420px; line-height:120%; font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-align: justify; margin-bottom:5px"]There had been a lull within the odd objects wayward waves drew forth and deposited upon the expanse of tan toned sand, in a way similar to the breakdown of the cycle life had made upon the shores, yet within the grasp of the foaming sea another arose. It proved a near impossibility to deem the moment it graced the sands sloping down towards a gentle incline swallowed beneath the slow receding tide, soft the hiss of it as the edge of the wave touched upon the cooling mass of lava reaching out towards, short of the waters that it had once joined with. Yet time wore on and there it sat, half swallowed within the tide as thought it sought to once more reclaim the odd item, a treasure its own never to be shared with the minimal numbers of those still willing to reside upon the scarred island, before time forced it back once more.

Little more then a mound of crimson, unnatural the bright tone clinging to sodden strands of false fur, bulging forth from the oddly shaped head eyes that he could only look back towards, unblinking in their intensity. For a time the child simply cast a wandering gaze upon it from where he had allowed the gangly shape of his alabaster and orange body to sprawl, brief moment of respite after working most of the morning to assist in rebuilding as his body allowed. Time had seen the thing dry some, tufts of its oddly toned fur standing on end but beyond the movement caused by a slight breeze there was no sound or purposeful act, simply left there, watching him as his eyes flicked back to it again.

Light the doze had he settled into when finally it made a sound. A bark parted his jaws in his surprise, angular head swinging around to regard the thing once more, the last notes of its odd voice lingering in his mind. The sound was unlike anything he had heard before, sharp and crackling, static broken by jumbled attempts at words. As though broken its jaw opened and closed in a futile attempt to once more form words revealing the darkness yet nothing more, no throat beyond, arms lifting a slight bit before it fell still again. Limbs stretched forth and slowly Greer pulled himself forward through the wet sand, sinking his paws in before scooting his back paws forward, belly dragging all the while.

Stopping a fair distance away he waited for a time, curiosity fading as the minutes accumulated with no further sign of life. Grown weary of this he made to stand, thinking it might be best to simply bring the odd creature to another who might tell him what it was, when it once more spoke in garbled tones.

“T̶̖̅͗̒̈́ḫ̴͈͆̈́̕a̴̢̟̩̹͐͗͋̎t̶̟̮́̿̔̐͒ ̵̹̜͚̰͇̈̔̑̊̎t̷͖͙̞͈̯̾͂̈́͒í̴̱̠̭̖̈́́͂͆c̴̨̮̬̭̓͊k̶̨̩͎̝̊̍̏l̸̻͙͉͚̰͘e̸̺̗̪̓͒ͅs̷̟̙͈̙͐͐́!̷̖͕͚̿͝” Almost clear though broken apart once more by the lingering notes of static, voice raising and falling until the body began to convulse, twisting and curling into itself, broken laughter arising with harsh notes. For a time Greer simply stood, bewildered at this odd thing and the things it spoke, shock robbing him of the chance to react, merely waiting for something to tear his attention from the creature that had once more fallen still.

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