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condemn him to the infirmary / plot with mars - Grimm - 02-25-2019

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ibizan hound — the typhoon
rather closed off and clearly lacking much care for life as a whole he finds most things lackluster, barely able to scrounge up enough interest to leave the secluded mound of rocks he has chosen for his own. striking out and learning more of healing once more he is terse and quite blunt, often brushing others aside for he has no want to be viewed as weak though indeed he is in his current state

albino oriental — snowbound
the anti-grandma she might happily act as a grandmother or parental figure to those who have come to earn her care she is nothing as one may expect, with the mouth of a sailor and not beyond dirty tactics to get what she wants, yet in her age wants nothing more then to settle down. comfortable where she is there is no limit to how far she may wander and what she may teach impressionable youths, she enjoys corrupting their minds and then sending them back to their parents cackling all the while

rabbit hybrid — wanderer
rather cute in a way, a mound of fluff with a seemingly sweet demeanor they prove intelligent to a fault, twisting others and offering lies as easily as they breath, a despicable asshole with a want only to continue their work, hiding beneath the heavy fur the scars of failed experiments, the struggles to make themself something more. broken by countless years of solitude, wandering alone, they simply wish to be the thing caught in their mind, the image they grew over time but have no hope of achieving

there is very little i'm closed to with any of them, if you're unsure please feel free to ask but otherwise i'm more then happy to talk through any ideas and see what comes of it