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hating on all the bitches at work | joiner
[align=center][div style="max-width: 420px; line-height:120%; font-family: arial; font-size: 8.5pt; text-align: justify; margin-bottom:5px"]Gentle the warmth found within the fragile structure of laughter, slight the sound wrapped about the caught breath. Easy would it have been to allow herself the simple indulgence of want, lean her weight down until the harsh contours of her lips may find hers, feel the warmth within the soft flesh she knew well, lick from them the coating of honey that had gathered over the course of the afternoon. Yet she could not bring herself to break the quiet moment, watching instead the play of emotion upon soft features.

Pudgy the cheeks drawn back, the gentle soil of a smile finding a home within the corners of those sweetly toned lips, small paw lifting, playing with the lengthier strands upon her own cheeks. Delicate the brush of claws playing with each fine strands, tugging upon it, coiling it about the sharp points. Soft beat quietened within the hollow space of her chest and finally she let her head fall, nestled within the warmth of her chest, counting the slowing beats pressing their mark into her flesh, enjoying the breathless hum her lover offered.

“I'll always love ya,” upon the surface of cracked lips words lingered for the space of but a few moments, warmth taken from her skin, sapped from the wispy covering of alabaster coating what proved little beyond the press of skin grown as brittle as paper stretched over the skeletal structure. Bitter the faint notes of laughter arising from the curl of pale tongue, flicking forth to wet her lips in a sweeping movement before it retreated once more with a noise of annoyance. Accustomed to the more extremes of weather had she grown, though misplaced was she within them from the thin coating that protected the pale surface of delicate skin, the white tone enough she may blend but the slightness of it needing more to bar the chill, weak the eyes of soft lilac gazing out of the angular face.

Time had ravaged her, torn from her the vitality of youth no matter the ease in straight-legged strides, flick of a bobbed tail almost following a beat playing behind the thick bone of her cranium, replaying the sweetness of that long gone summer afternoon when love had been hers to hold. Almost amusing was it to think she was gone, no longer the sweet little thing that bore her excess weight with a grace most found confusing, laughter giving way to sweet song as her own arose in the harsh, rasping croak damage sustained to her throat had left her with. If only it may be reduced to nought but a dream, structure lacking the harsh touch of reality, easy to brush aside and believe once more she may awake next to her, clutched to her chest with the warmth of her breath upon her neck.

Others were present, the dusty expanse of halls bound within the weak structure of cobwebs with the faint click of the singular hooved creature she knew held the ability to form coherent thought and put within the structure of words each, common the visage of the former great who seemed to view her passing from life as but a nuisance she may over come. Confusing that one, she who sought to tear through the delicate strings of love and make the lover of another her own, within the drama of her own concoction all dragged. So too the afternoon she had enjoyed surrounded with others, lax the atmosphere of the dark space no matter the bitter tang of burning that had touched the air, gone to ruin the cookies she had been attempting to bake.

Breath sharpened, exhale marred by the touch of steam, displeasure enclosed within. Better was it to forget, allow the past to linger within the archives but what of she, old within the standards of a mortal being, a piece of history drawing breath and allowed a chance when her second had been wasted already.

Difficult to figure out how long her steps had drawn her forth, allowed her to wander until the trees holding their thin coating of snow had melted away, grown sparse beneath the accumulated weight of frozen particles, instead replaced by a field touched by white. Empty may she have deemed it if not for the thin columns of smoke rising, licking along the curve of the sky before it faded, dissipating beneath the gentle coaxing of a slight breeze. For a few short moments she lingered, wondering if it best to turn from this place and trek elsewhere, thoughts of a land more hospitable, especially to one such as she, lingering along the edge of her mind. Yet idiotic did it seem to the oriental now, waste the time spent on travelling to this area, pretty in its own way. Beneath the touch of the late morning sun the snow glimmered, the sheen of brightness offset by the clouds accumulating within the stark blue above, almost the threat of more snow grown too much.

Bobbed tail flicked, stark white paw lifting for brief moment to fix the lopsided glasses perched precariously upon the bridge of her nose, humming softly beneath her breath. If others resided within this place then they may find her if they so wished for now she would allow herself the chance to rest, stretching out her tired limbs with a soft groan.
[div style="font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;color:#718390;"]a bloody war behind my eyes
snowbound elder ▵ albino oriental ▵ the anti-grandma
The wolf held onto her youth, her body aging slower than most. When she had nearly died, and became an angel of the Lord, she retained her age and such. Her eyes held a bit of mystery to them, and she watches the albino cat. She lifts her head and speaks. "How can I help you?"

//at school
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[align=center][div style="font-size:17pt;line-height:1.1;color:#4A708B;font-family:georgia"][i]i wonder as i wander[div style="font-size:8pt;line-height:.1.1;color:#4E78A0;font-family:arial;margin-bottom:5px;margin-top:-2px"]

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