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tell me your secrets [ c a p t a i n ]
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There had been little rustle and rumble around The Pitt since his ascension to the throne, throwing Jervis off. He expected more of a riot than acceptance. Nevertheless, the fox remained satisfied. The smoother the plot went, the better. If he could win them over with false promises and a facade of superiority, then so be it. Especially when he's already caught the eye of a few. One Pittian had caught his eye in particular. Captain was his name. They were new and unaware of the Pitt's previous experiences, presumably easy to manipulate too. With an opportunity in mind, the needy Ardent sought out his assistance.

Through the darkness of The Pitt's jungle, the foxy male found himself in a conundrum when searching for Captain. So far his search had come up empty.

Speak of the devil. [member=3521]captain[/member]
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Cap wasn't ever really known for being hard to find, but then again he had never had someone search for him. He wasn't aware that was what Jervis was doing when he had caught the fox seemingly on the search for something, but was curious nonetheless. Out of the few members that he had already met from the Pitt, it seemed that Jervis would be the most likable to him, someone he could eventually get to know more if wanted.

Coming up behind the other, Cap would soon sit down waiting a moment before speaking, "What are you looking for?" He would ask, head tilting slightly.
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