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Don't Keep Me, I'll Perish;; Roseblood Leader Visit;; Open.
Flying over long distances was her favorite but considering her last trip had been The Thypoon, this one was not a very far flight at all. To make up for that? Jiyu may have circled the territory a few times in the air as if looking for a good spot to land before finally coming to touch her slender feet upon the border. She had been desperately searching for Sepiroth in all but one flight recently, it was nice to just fly for even a few moments, without the unintended desperation of her own denial.

Looking around she took note of her surroundings briefly before letting out a roar to announce her pressence. Waiting too long to get back with Sepiroth missing? Could be dangerous, especially if he came back and decided he was upset at some random thing. In that instance, he'd just lead the group off to some pointless battle for no reason besides the fact he wanted to reclaim his pride. Sure, she could understand pride, The Roseblood would always be the best of the groups. However, that was no excuse to needlessly waste the life of members nor go around simply slaughtering other's, even her own recent kills were for food purposes. Now that she thought about food, Jiyu realized she had not eaten since before this started. Crap.
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