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「 19 y/o | genderfluid | site married to raiden | [abbr=delilah / onision / owen / saeran]characters[/abbr] | ryuu-tan#6593 」———————
Tamoya, to say the least, was terrified of their new classmates. They were all such powerhouses! There was no way they could survive if the villains are so persistent in kidnapping them. What if they got kidnapped? Would anyone come and save them? M-more importantly, why would any villain in their right mind be interested in someone like them? They weren't crazy powerful like Midoryia Izuku or brilliant like Yaoyorozu Momo. Even the frightening Bakugou Katsuki had more potential then them! They were surrounded by hungry lions and they were a wounded animal. Much worst, they didn't like standing in front of the class or in front of more than one person, really. They've done this once or twice before and it gave them the same, traumatizing experience. Their knees were shaking and they began to play with the end of their shirt in desperate attempt to distract themselves from the eyes that will soon be boring holes into their skin. This was terrifying. Were any of the other new students scared? Shifting bright honey oculars to their side to look at Yukiji, they flinched when she spoke up in an excited tone. Panicking, he whispered to her, "U-um! Please don't call them that." They said softly, voice lined with uncertainty. Alright... Maybe she wasn't as nervous as they were. What about the other two? They forced themselves to catch a quick glance of the boys before beginning to mess with the necklace around their throat. The boy before him seemed quiet and although Tamoya appreciated that, they wished he'd trade places with them. Standing next to the boy with beige hair and seemingly exuding no emotion was frightening. Too frightening. He had hummed in response to Yukiji's call but made no further attempts to continue the conversation. Instead, he quietly stood there with his arms crossed and staring at the door - was he staring at the door? His long bangs concealed his eyes and made it hard to tell. The forced to be standing next to strangers while they waited to walk into a room filled with more strangers and be judged made the green-haired teen's heart skip multiple beats. Inhaling slowly, they decided to focus on the cascading blue hair before them.

tamoya reeves ;; genderfluid ;; actual ray of sunshine 
Name ;; tamoya tamaki reeves
. he enjoys nicknames so long as they're all in good nature and not rude
. he doesn't have any nicknames that really stick but he's heard others call him tamo, tam, tammy, tama, and momo - honourifics included into the mix
Hero Name ;; the light hero: angel blade
Age ;; sixteen
Height ;; 5'7"ft // 170.7cm
Weight ;; 155lbs // 70.3kg
Build ;; lean, androgynous build // doesn't have a lot of muscle but still in shape // has triangle shape due to being biologically male but hard to notice unless they were shirtless (you'll never catch them shirtless unless you rip it from their back)
BloodType ;; o-
Brief Appearance ;; heckin long, heckin soft lime green hair (they straighten) that almost touches the floor // neatly cut bangs cover their forehead as well as fluffy side bangs that are too stubborn and don't want to straighten properly // bright honey coloured eyes // milk chocolate skin (yum) // birthmark on the right corner of their mouth // white shirt with yellow stripes that starts at the collar and runs down the sleeve and around his arm; also around the lower part of the shirt // white pants with yellow seams // a buckle around his right thigh for accessory purposes // yellow and white converses that go up below his knee and has orange buckles; black laces // wears glasses bc of bad eyesight // wears yellow pendent necklace
Brief Personality ;; passive-aggressive // dislikes confrontation // shy // optimistic // a snacc // patient // dense // leader-like // intelligent // accepting // cinnamon roll // fierce // doesn't hold grudges for too long // malicious // manipulative

Quirk Type ;; elemental - light
Quirk Name ;; condensed light
Quirk Capabilities ;; tamoya is able to condense light and with a bit of manipulation, turn it into weapons and shields. as of right now, she's only able to conjure bladed weapons. she can also create a bow and arrow but doesn't have much practice on it due to poor eyesight (bigger weapons are possible, they just cannot figure out how nor do they have the energy required). she is also able to absorb and store energy (for a short amount of time) in her body and emit a gentle glow. she knows she has the ability to temporarily (and permanently) blind people, she just dosn't know how. "divine light" (move that takes a while to charge and it's pretty much just a kamehameha wave bc tamoya Isn't Original. uses up 70% of energy, must only be used when at 80-100% energy or she could die. doesn't matter though cos she never uses it due to her not knowing how to control it), "firefly" (allows her to create small balls of energy (<10) that could fit in your palm. this could be used for directing others to a safe location or could be used on the offensive and be launched at full speed to opponents. draws its strength in numbers, individual attacks are more annoying than anything) and "moonshine" (she's able to draw light from the moon but it's about a little less than half as strong as her abilities in broad daylight. the moon is duller than the sun after all) are a thing.
. all powers depends on his mental and physical state. it also requires focus for light to remain condensed. an unfocused mind will cause it to dissipate into thin air.
. one way to check his physical and mental strength is to put a light bulb in his mouth and see how brightly it shines. this also works with phone chargers.

Skillset/Secondary Abilities ;; rescue // quick adaptability // high cooperation // high offense

Equipment ;; mask has prescription lens so the poor boy can see properly when out on the field, also picks up heat signatures // five metal bangles around each arm to channel "divine light" // a pair of light weight, one-time shields designed to look like wings at his lower back

Alignment ;; Hero - true neutral

Affiliations ;; Class 1-A Student @ U.A.
tsukiyagi maeda ;; cismale ;; "don't talk to me or my son ever again" 
Name ;; tsukiyagi maeda
. doesn't have any particular stance on nicknames but will shut down ones he doesn't like immediately
. decent nicknames include (but are not limited to) tsukki, yagi, mint tea, mint and flora
Hero Name ;; floravore
Age ;; sixteen
Height ;; 5'9"ft // 179.8cm
Weight ;; 169lbs // 76.7kg
Build ;; sturdy // strong // shaped like a dorito and just as delicious // ripped
BloodType ;; ab
Brief Appearance ;; minty coloured green skin (bc chloroplast) // beige coloured hair that seems to defy gravity towards the top, is longer and flat towards the bottom (goes down to hips) // long bangs cover  (colour) eyes making them impossible to see unless bangs are brushed to the side or strong enough wind blows them // round circle-like eyebrows // sunset orange cropped jacket (he loves cropped jackets) // blood red shirt // ripped white skinny jeans // doesn't like overly baggy or tight clothes so his clothing always fits to compliment his body // standard lobe pierced (right ear) and viper bites in left brow
Brief Personality ;;

Quirk Type ;; host
Quirk Name ;; carnivore plant
Quirk Capabilities ;; as much as everyone wants the elephant in the room to be addressed, maeda is more than just the huge plant-thing that grows from his body. aside from tatsuo, he's able to grow branches and steams from inside his body and they emerge from his pores. as they break the surface, they clump together and form a larger, much more sturdy and powerful mass he can move around like his own limbs. he is only able to control the plants growing inside of him but if he makes a small cut and slides the seed under the skin, his body acts as a fertilizer and adds that new plant to the "garden." now, tatsuo is one of his side abilities that got carried away. maeda is able to spawn plants that eat meat, though they do not need to as they get their nutrients from his body.

Skillset/Secondary Abilities ;;

Equipment ;;

Alignment ;; Hero - chaotic good

Affiliations ;; Class 1-A Student @ U.A.
© madi
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Ryuu seemed to not notice the soft spoken student's whisper, still grinning up at Yukiji- as if he was waiting for her to say more. She held his attention almost always- he knew she always had something to say regarding a situation, and such was proved when Yukiji, in fact, heard what was whispered. "Sorry, sorry. Sailor mouth." Yukiji apologized, grinning sheepishly at the other. Really, she couldn't control her own mouth sometimes, but Ryuu didn't seem to mind as Aizawa nodded towards him, sliding the door open to reveal the classroom- Thirty desks sat in rows of six, and Yukiji had to squint to look at the students as she walked in first, toxic green and black hair flipped over her shoulder sassily. She seemed to walk with an abnormal amount of confidence, her usual shit-eating smirk on her face despite the anxiety bubbling inside of her.

The class was loud, rambunctious, and it made Yukiji snicker when she heard an explosion go off somewhere. Once all four new transfer students stood side to side in the front of the classroom, Aizawa let out a loud grunt- the air around him just yelled 'shut up and listen', and it made Yukiji herself squirm in anticipation. It didn't take longer than a few seconds for the class to shut up as demanded, and Yuu nearly died laughing from this. Was Aizawa-sensei so terrifying? She had heard some rumors about him, but she never put too much effort into getting to know him.
"From this day on, these four students will be transferring into our class. Introduce yourselves and pick a seat that's open." Aizawa's sleepy voice was grumpy, groggy from lack of sleep. Could it be the night hero work and day teaching job? How did one even do something like that- let alone live without sleeping for this long?

Yukiji shrugged her shoulders, standing up straight with a cheerful smile. She could hear whispers amongst the crowd, and it made her whip-like tail lash behind her in slight annoyance. Rumors- shit talkers? She couldn't even tell at this point. Raising her voice a bit, she made sure to demand attention to her presence, her only visible eye slitting in excitement. "My name is Aburame Yukiji, my Hero Name is Succubi. My quirk.. You'll find it out eventually, it's not fun to spoil secrets!" She sang out, sticking her tongue out, the green appendage making a disturbed cough leave Yaomomo's mouth. Was it unusual? Probably. Some people considered her existence more of a result of a dual quirk, which it was, but whatever- she didn't care.

Moving her hand over to tap on the blue-haired boy's shoulder, the petite boy moved to stand forward, readying his hands to begin signing for the class. Yukiji watched his hands idly, before interpreting what the boy was signing to the class aloud.

"My name is Haruaki Ryuu, Feel free to call me anything you'd like! My hero name is Raijin, my quirk deals with weather!" Yukiji's voice seemed chipper, mirroring the boy's shy enthusiasm that she couldn't seem to copy herself. Fuck it, she'd even raise her voice to sound like his own. "I'm deaf, but please don't burden yourself with me. If you need my attention, just tap on my shoulder or something! Ah-" He was distracted a bit by a nudging feeling on his thigh, and his smile widened as he motioned for a golden retriever to step forward, which the canine did proudly, barking in greeting. "This is Frito, he's my service dog. During trainings he will be on the sidelines watching, so don't worry!" He rambled on, interrupted once more by the canine nudging him, as if telling him to stop rambling from his rising anxiety. Nodding silently, Ryuu stood off to the side, nodding his head to Tamoya to go next.

"Isn't that girl a babe?"
"Mineta, that isn't behavior you should display in front of new students!"
"Killjoy class representative."
"Shouldn't we be worried about how her hero name is literally Succubi?"
"Yours is literally Alien Queen, acidbitch."

© lexasperated
「 19 y/o | genderfluid | site married to raiden | [abbr=delilah / onision / owen / saeran]characters[/abbr] | ryuu-tan#6593 」———————
Every muscle in their body was tense and stiff, prepared to defend themselves long enough to create and opening and escape. This entire experience was frightening and as the door slid open revealing a less than kind-looking teacher, their stomach threatened to forcefully remove all of its contents if they didn't leave right now. Of course, if they could they absolutely would but they were stuck there for the time being. Why... Why did they feel like throwing up anyway? They had a light breakfast so they should be feeling like they just enjoyed a feast fit for a king. Inhaling slowly to calm their nerves, they and the boy beside them followed the two before them into the classroom. Now instead of being in two rows of two, they were in one row of four. The first to introduce herself was the first to saunter into the classroom: Yukiji. Everything about her screamed confidence and Tamoya couldn't help but feel envious. That person was who they were in their head. Someone who had gravity behind the words they spoke and didn't give two shits about what others thought of them. But they found it difficult to speak to others and they did care about what others thought of them - most of the time. When Yukiji finished, she motioned for the blue-haired boy beside her to go next. He controlled the weather? A flashy quirk. There was no doubt he was going to be a popular hero one day. Tamoya couldn't figure out what Yukiji's ability was but they had a hunch it had something to do with succubi. As for Ryuu, while they knew what his power is, they couldn't understand how it'd work and to be frank, they were too scared to ask for details. Maeda, on the other hand, was silently observing everyone in the room. None really stood out to him and he began to wonder why villains would target them. Were there more to them than meets the eye? Deciding to pay attention to the ones introducing themselves, he checked back in time to hear Ryuu. Blinking slowly - though no one would have known - he hummed quietly to himself before turning his attention elsewhere. Little Storm, he thought to himself as arms folded over his chest.

As Ryuu finished his introduction and nodded to Tamoya, they felt their heart sink further into their chest. Drawing in a shaky breath from slightly parted lips, they adjusted their glasses as they gave themselves a quick pep talk before stepping forward. They waited a couple seconds when they knew their voice would tremble before speaking. "My n-name is Tamoya Reeves, it's nice to meet you. My hero name is Angel Blade and my q-quirk is condensed light." Short, sweet and to the point. With that, they bowed before taking a step back and biting their bottom lip. Hopefully that was loud enough for those in the back to hear. It was humiliating to be asked to speak up, more so on the first day of school. No one said anything so they could only assume the were spared the embarrassment for now. Maeda's turn. As if given a cue, the boy stepped forward and dropped his arms back down to his sides. "I'm Tsukiyagi Maeda. My hero name is Floravore and I've got plants growing inside me that I'm able to control." That was the basic gist of it as he didn't like spending too much time talking about himself. Not even a second went by before a deep and eager voice chirped, "I'm here too! Maeda, let me introduce myself you sack of shit." The neutral expression on his face didn't change as others, including Tamoya, stared at him. "Whoa! A ventriloquist!" Mina gasped, a delighted expression accompanying her words. Sighing, Maeda decided to ignore the girl who's hero name is 'Alien Queen' and address his longtime companion. "It will be very inconvenient to me if you came out now. So no." He responded in a rather dismissive tone before returning his attention back to those before him. "That was Tatsuo. You will meet him soon enough." He finished.
© madi
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A plant that had its own personality? It was oddly similar to Tokoyami Fumikage's quirk, Dark Shadow. How unusual. Ryuu found himself staring at a certain blonde who seemed way too unhappy about this whole situation. Was it really that unusual to have transfer students at the near end of the year? "If you're all done, pick a seat. If you wake me up, I'll tie you to a flagpole or something." Aizawa finally grumbled, to which Ryuu eagerly nodded along to, reading his lips. He supposed it was only right to take a seat next to that blonde since the seat was open, seeing a red headed male behind him with a grin on his face. "Hi!" Ryuu's voice came out more robotic and monotone than he thought it did, but Bakugou visibly flinched at it.
"Don't yell like that, idiot." He unsteadily signed, his face red under the glare of his classmates. What- shocked he knew the language as well?

Yukiji, on the other hand, was already racing towards the purplenette, a grin on her face. "You're Shinsou Hitoshi, right? I heard about how you fought at the sports festival. Brainwashing, huh? We're the perfect partners, don't you think?" She chimed, laughing when Hitoshi buried his hands in his hair, scratching in obvious annoyance? Was that annoyance, or..? She couldn't really tell. "Tsukiyagi-san! Come sit in the chair next to me!" Yukiji whined, sitting in the back of the room, behind Hitoshi to stare. And stare some more. Maybe she was being creepy? She didn't really know.

The spot to her right was filled by Todoroki, but to her left it was empty, and she gestured for the plant-based quirk user to come sit by her. She'd be damned if she didn't let Ryuu socialize with other people.
© lexasperated
「 19 y/o | genderfluid | site married to raiden | [abbr=delilah / onision / owen / saeran]characters[/abbr] | ryuu-tan#6593 」———————
It was quite a lively class, wasn't it? It was a bit too lively for Maeda's tastes, but he figured he'd adapt soon enough. Maybe. The teacher - Aizawa, was his name? - didn't seem fazed by it and instead threatened them should they wake him from his slumber. Even the teacher was easygoing? Was this really the famed prestigious hero school he's heard about? No, he shouldn't jump to conclusions like that despite being relatively easy to do so after analyzing the information gathered. It was the end of the year after all and there wasn't much left to teach. Not to mention, if the class can hold their own against villains on multiple occasions they must be doing something right. After Aizawa's dismissal, Maeda stayed glued to his spot for a moment as the other three separated, doing as they were told. Ryuu gravitated towards a rather asshole-looking blonde who flinched at his greeting. Yukiji wasted no time in speaking to a familiar purple-haired boy that looked like he needed more sleep. Tamoya nervously shuffled to an open seat next to a tall raven who looked at them quizzically and offered a friendly wave. Maeda wondered if the other boy saw the panic in the light user's eyes before quickly nodding their head and turning their attention to their bag. "She's going to be eaten alive here," Tatsuo chuckled quietly as he licked his lips, his small form sliding out from his collar and gazing at them with narrowed eyes. Without warning, the boy lifted a hand and squeezed his palm-sized companion. "I said you coming out would be inconvenient. Do you want me to squeeze you to death?" He asked, tightening his grip and earning a squeak from the carnivorous plant. Understanding the situation he was in, Tatsuo returned to Maeda's body, not without muttering a couple threats of his own and a few swears. It wasn't anything Maeda wasn't used to. He wouldn't actually kill his companion. Though it may not seem like it, the two are close friends - figuratively and literally. If Maeda dies, so did Tatsuo. If something happened to Tatsuo, Maeda no longer had a quirk. They depended on and needed each other whether they wanted to admit it or not.

Blinking unseen optics, he walked forward to pick a random available seat but stopped in his tracks when Yukiji called to him. He remained quiet for a few seconds before deciding to comply. It saved him the trouble of choosing a seat for himself - not that there was any to begin with. Walking over to the free seat, the teen quietly nodded a greeting to Shinso before sitting down. He wondered if she and the purple-haired boy would get along. They definitely seem like polar opposites and though he knows Yukiji means well, her personality is bound to get her in trouble with a few others. If that were to happen, the place would grow even more lively. Placing his bag down, he rested his head on the palm of his hand. A more lively place, huh? It wasn't something he was particular looking forward to but he wasn't against it happening either.
© madi
TAKE MY HAND && raiden! [private]
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aburame yukiji, f, 16. 
■Name: Aburame Yukiji "Yuu"
■Hero Name: Succubi
■Age: 16
■Height: 5"6
■Weight: 150 lbs
■Build: Slim, well-rounded.
■BloodType: O

■Quirk Type: Emitter
■Quirk Name: Intoxicate
■Quirk Capabilities: Depending on her opponents romantic/sexual orientation, she can brainwash them to the point of literal obsession; forcing them to follow her every command.
■Skillset/Secondary Abilities: Incredibly agile, enhanced speed, quick decision making.

■Equipment: Gloves that cover her hands [prevents her from using her quirk when she doesn't want to].

■Alignment: Hero -- Chaotic Good

■Affiliations: Class 1-A Student at U.A.
haruaki ryuu, m, 16. 
■Name: Haruaki Ryuu
- translates, haru = clear weather, aki = bright. literally meaning bright, clear weather, a play on his quirk. ryuu means dragon.
- almost completely deaf, wears hearing aids and reads lips really really well. can verbally speak, but when his voice is weird he usually writes stuff down or signs.
■Hero Name: Raijin
■Age: 16
■Height: 5"9
■Build: Slim, seems smaller than he should be, but is well-built.
■BloodType: AB

■Quirk Type: Emitter
■Quirk Name: Weathermotion
■Quirk Capabilities: Controls weather and its attributes, including the thunder and rain, as well as hail. Quite unstable due to mostly being affected by his emotions constantly stirring out of control. Static electricity is a side affect after he uses his quirk. Can predict the weather for the day.

■Skillset/Secondary Abilities: Weather Forecasts, Battleground Adjusting, Enhanced senses of touch and smell, Long-distance support.

■Equipment: Electricity conductors on his fists that look like brass knuckles. His hearing aids connect to every single piece of technology he has, including his costume's headset. They work similarly to google eyeglasses, using the details and sounds around him to alert him to when trouble is coming during hero work. He has a service dog, a golden retriever named Frito which follows him around throughout the day and wears a black vest and carries his brass knuckles in a pouch on his side as well as all of his hearing aid supplies.

■Alignment: Hero - Lawful Good

■Affiliations: Class 1-A Student @ U.A.

Aizawa, to be completely honest, was sick and fuckin' tired. Tired, as in he literally just wanted to get these introductions done so he could sleep. Fuck a lesson, he was going to conk the fuck out and sleep right there on his desk, and these students weren't going to fuckin' say shit about it. After all, free time was a safe haven for the students in Class 1-A, a time to study and do homework. Lord knows Kaminari and Mina need it.

Behind the raven haired teacher stood four students, two of which were known as good childhood friends, having been raised in the same adoption agency from the moment they were dropped off at heroes doorsteps. The taller one, a slim male with kink-filled, wavy baby blue hair that reached to his mid-back in length, had been staring at the teacher with wide eyes, as if waiting for something to be said.

The other, a girl whom was more mutated than normal, seemed to jump in place eagerly at the idea of even having a class to participate with in the first place. She had never been to school- a public one, that is. She was home schooled as a kid, so the whole 'socialize nicely' thing wasn't particular her experience. She just wanted to make friends, after all.

Glancing over at a sudden tap on her shoulder, the blue-haired boy lifted up a white board to her face, making the succubus squint at the Japanese written out for her.
Are we going in?

Yukiji lifted her gaze and nodded her head, grinning ear to ear. "You two ready back there? I'm so fuckin' ready to meet these assholes that are all over the news." Yuu cheered, a happy grin on her face despite her friends obvious nervousness over this whole thing.
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